About Us

I Love Football, Women love football,

I have always been an athlete, but it was not until college that I started focusing more on individual sports. Volleyball was my sport at Rutgers, and playing tennis was my second love. It was not until I had children and started bringing them to see my mom that my interest in American Football began. She was living in a Senior retirement village and she and her friends would bet one penny, each game, for the winning team, every Sunday. She would make her bets on how cute the quarterbacks were. It was then that I started paying attention. Years later, my passion and love for the sport, I am happy to say, goes way beyond the looks of a quarterback. I have not only learned the game, and watch the game, but I am in awe of the talent and athleticism each member brings to the team. Personally, I can relate to the commitment and dedication the player has to practice, and keeping themselves healthy, just to bring to us, the fans, their very best every week.

This company started because I wanted to buy a T-shirt at a college football game, to show that I was a Women who loved football. I could not find one. Not only could I not find one, but when I went home to research the internet to buy one, nothing there either. The google search showed me a few with stilettos’ or lipstick kisses on footballs and hearts, but that was not something I wanted to wear. And I did not think most women who loved the sport would like that either.

So I decided to form a company with a logo and a brand that I would be proud to wear. In researching this project, I started learning so much more about football. My love of football is not just about College Men and the Men’s NFL, but to Women playing the sport as well. It is an honor to say that other than just viewership, there has been so much progress in Women’s football. Beyond the Legends Football League, (LFL), on April 8, 2015 Sarah Thomas became the first woman NFL official in history.  Jen Welter has become the first woman to play in men’s pro football league in contact position. Seven states now offer girls’ flag football as a varsity sport, and there are three adult women’s tackle football leagues in the U.S., with nearly 4,000 participants combined. Super Bowl XLVIII, during which advertisers paid $4 million for 30 seconds of air time, was the most-watched TV program for women this year, with 45 million female viewers. According to Nielsen, recent Super Bowls have logged higher female viewership than the Oscars, Grammys and Emmys combined.

When I started reading the stats, I knew that my passion for football was every other women’s passion and how much fun it would be to share our love of the sport. Football is not exclusive to men.

I realize that every team color is important and recognizable. With my “Choose Your Team” t-shirts you can individually wear your team proudly and still have the logo present. Or you can use the colored logo that I created on the apparel and products. Have parties, have fantasy pools, but most of all, have fun because……….

Women Love Football!